The Best Backup Solutions Of 2012

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Every person who has a computer needs a backup solution that’s reliable and in place. Unexpected situations can arise, which may cause all of your data to be removed. People that experience something like a hard drive crashing on them can suffer great consequences. It’s actually very simple to protect your data, and recover it – you just have to know what to do. Should you be looking for a backup solution in 2012, the following three suggestions can help you narrow down one that can help you.
One of the best backup applications today is the Acronis True Image backup. Many backup software programs will not let you back up everything in your computer but that’s not the case with Acronis. If you don’t want to do a complete backup, then simply choose the files you want and do specific backup operations. On the first use of the program however, it will create a complete backup of your files. This is so that you have an original to compare file specific backups in the future.

Many of the backup programs you’ll see are created so that users with varying degrees of knowledge and computer savvy will be able to use them. In NovaBACKUP, users have a choice between two basic operating modes. Depending on your level of comfort, you can select to use the Simple View mode or Advanced View mode. If you have used backup software before, then you’ll want to use the Advanced View mode. If you don’t have any idea about what you’re using, you should choose Simple View. The Simple View mode is basically point-and-click, making the software easy to use.

If there’s one feature of the program that may cause some trouble or confusion among users is the copy mode. Copying data using the program comes in several modes. The icons and comments could use some improvement so they are much clearer and easier to understand, especially for novice users.

There’s Backblaze for those looking for an online backup solution. For a monthly fee of $5, you will be able to backup your data online. That’s truly low enough for any computer user to afford. What’s more, there’s no limit to how big the data you’re backing up is. The default user interface is very simple to use and allows for adjustment depending on your preferences. All types of users can use Backblaze. This online backup service is ideal for business and non-business users, and it costs just $50 per year for businesses.

Before purchasing a backup solution, it would do you good to identify your specific criteria and needs. The backup needs of a power user will be different from the needs of a casual computer user. In addition, decide if you’re okay with having your data backed up in an online data center. If you’ve got important data you want protected, an online backup service will keep it safe in a server so you don’t have it at home. So consider this as you shop.

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